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Texting on two mobile devices while holding one in each hand
"I saw this crazy girl at the club last night. I was going to go talk to her, but she was busy double thumbing at the bar."
by sweet650 March 19, 2009
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When you are eating a girls pussy out and she is on her back and you lying on stomach usually, with your face in her pussy you wrap your arms up and around her legs from the outside to the inside and while eating her box you spread her pussy lips with index and forefinger, while inserting thumb#1 in upper pussy and thumb#2 in main pussy hole area, cxonstantly working and rubbing and thrusting into her until mayonnaise is pouring out on your face and you smile while she shakes and moans. Great job Casey B. from Idaho, you can eat some box real good..mmmmm
Casey was double thumbing a girl he met at the gym on his kitchen table when his old lady walked in and busted him with both thumbs and his tongue in her little pink pussy. Casey was in Big Trouble Mister, BIG TROUBLE, but the slut got double thumbed so she was good.
by kcgreen December 01, 2016
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