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aka DC, a north american public dota league consisting of mostly noobs and a few decent players looking for a good dota game. statistically, in 95% of all public games at least one and certainly not limited to one of the following occurs: teams are heavily stacked, someone leaves the moment they get fb'ed, someone with a great escape skill like windrunner or shukuchi chooses to hog the safest lane, 5 hard carries are chosen on the same side, a furion decides to jungle all game long with no mindset of ganking whatsoever, some person on the winning team starts smacktalking in a pointless dota game in order to make himself feel better, lucifer gets a hand of midas, lich gets a bottle, 4 of your teammates feed 0-5, ursa gets maskofdeath for first item. In the other 5%, someone leaves the moment they don't see their desired hero in the pool. DC attempts to brings this to a higher level by establishing a tier 2 for "better and more experienced" players. The second tier invokes the same experience as tier1 with the exception of there being cockier players of stubborn and ignorant origins.
friend: "yo let's dota"
me: "no"
friend: "why, the new patch is out!"
me: "that means even more noobs to be found in dotacash...when's the last time you had a good, even and fair game? wait, let me rephrase, when have you EVER had a decent game?"
friend: "...true dat, let's play dota lod"
me: "i'm down"
by ilovedota December 30, 2011
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the best, awesomest, coolest, and most popular public dota league in north america. it was created by the one and only, the great and glorious, the mushroom loving, the jeesus incarnate, holy hbjlee17, and it has grown into a fantastic dota community.
-dude dotapub sucks ass its so laggy, lets go play on dotacash

-dotacash is so much better than throneit. thr is dead and everyone just rages its lamesauce.
by SAK_ATAK February 03, 2011
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