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aka DC, a north american public dota league consisting of mostly noobs and a few decent players looking for a good dota game. statistically, in 95% of all public games at least one and certainly not limited to one of the following occurs: teams are heavily stacked, someone leaves the moment they get fb'ed, someone with a great escape skill like windrunner or shukuchi chooses to hog the safest lane, 5 hard carries are chosen on the same side, a furion decides to jungle all game long with no mindset of ganking whatsoever, some person on the winning team starts smacktalking in a pointless dota game in order to make himself feel better, lucifer gets a hand of midas, lich gets a bottle, 4 of your teammates feed 0-5, ursa gets maskofdeath for first item. In the other 5%, someone leaves the moment they don't see their desired hero in the pool. DC attempts to brings this to a higher level by establishing a tier 2 for "better and more experienced" players. The second tier invokes the same experience as tier1 with the exception of there being cockier players of stubborn and ignorant origins.
friend: "yo let's dota"
me: "no"
friend: "why, the new patch is out!"
me: "that means even more noobs to be found in dotacash...when's the last time you had a good, even and fair game? wait, let me rephrase, when have you EVER had a decent game?"
friend: "...true dat, let's play dota lod"
me: "i'm down"
by ilovedota December 30, 2011
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