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1. An online shit-talker, who brazenness ends where his keyboard does. One who will not actually confront an adversary in real life, but will instead attack anonymously (see: formspring) or from an incredibly far distance, likely from another state, or perhaps even further than that.

2. One who gives the illusion of grandeur, wealth, influence, or popularity online, who is actually the opposite IRL.

3. One who gains popularity or influence via internet networking sites, but nowhere else.
"I'm so sick of this asshole who keeps insulting me on formspring...."
"Chill, dude, it's just some pussyass dot-commer, just tell him you'll trace his IP address and he'll fuck right off."
by sand69 April 15, 2010
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A poor sap with delusions of granduer who works 80-hour weeks at a dot com.
The dot-commer kept bragging about his impressive stock options
by dk December 27, 2004
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