1. Sing
2. A person who is a female version of a Dork.


dorki·ness n.
dorky adj.
by Brian November 6, 2003
1. a name of a person or thing who is very dorky
2. when someone you know does something stupid, you call them that.
1. My dog dorkess is mean, he tried to bite Skye when she was at my house.

2. Kimmy: I just saved 15% or more on my car insurance by switching to geico!
Skye: Dorkess.
by fuckel November 27, 2007
Dorkess is another word for dork, nerd, and or goober.
"Robyn is my dorkess"-Jake
by 2:29:16 November 25, 2016
It's another word for dork, goober, and or nerd. It's also Jake and Robyn's word ❤️.
"Robyn is my dorkess" -Jake
by 2:29:16 November 25, 2016