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Donship means reaching the pinacle and climax of a human life. There is no greater achievement than to reach Donship. Staying up to all hours of the night and not thinking about their jobs the next day. Dons make things happen when theres nothing going on and will go out every day of the week. They realize life is too short to sit around in their house. They live in the moment and make the best of it. They also realize sleep is for the weak and consume large amounts of alcohol. The word Donship is hard to sum up in a few sentences because theres a very vast list of requirements. The word is forbidden to use by people who have not reached Donship. People can say what they would have done at a party or make exuses about why they cant come out but they are lying to themselves and will later realize that life is too short and they didnt maximize it. These people think they have reached donship. The fact that I wrote this while being drunk says something in itself. This is a term for everyone that truly has achieved Donship.
"walked by a dwarf with a blowout and a jean jacket on campus the other day, burst out laughing right in front of him...donship"
by Don Donship December 07, 2007
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