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An amusing, "clean" insult featured in Orbit gum commercials as part of their "Dirty Mouth? Clean it up with Orbit" promotion that highlighted the gum's approval by the American Dental Association and Indian Dental Association due to its ability to improve dental health.

The cleanly insulting "donkey door" is probably a replacement for "asshole" as donkeys are also called asses and doors are portals, or holes.
Why don't you check your donkey door?
by gadiv November 03, 2009
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when you havta poopie real bad, and you only make it to the door of the stall and then...S_C_H_P_L_A_A_A_T_! on the floor like a donkey ...a variation of 'sky-chippin'.

alt. - an advanced sex position involving a hinged gate.
Man, after those wings and old mud tall boys last nite, I had a turrible donkey door.
by upchuckk April 02, 2008
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