the man who made me so happy, makes you smile, laugh, even when you want to cry, hes the man you never want to let go of, soooo gorgeous, loves tattoos and getting piercings, tho he doesn't have many, strong, someone i miss so much...and a good looking ass if i do say so, funny and a good friend
friend: daaaamn look at that
me: i know, its my donaven
by mimi younge blood September 14, 2013
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A complete asshole who sucks ass no girls love him he's a failure.
"Yea do you know Donaven"
"Yea what about him"
"He fuckin sucks"
by Memer25 January 8, 2017
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A kind loving person, likes to entertain people even when he isn't well . Donaven is a very creative person , determined , leads by example and is a firm believer of his culture. Donaven always aces what he puts his mind to . He is a kind hearted person who believe in love . He is a great friend , brother and partner .
Who Donaven ? That's my bestie

I love Donaven with my whole heart

Donaven is so smart
by Th3_dxn November 22, 2021
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A really kind guy with a big heart who no matter what will care about you, he’s gone through a lot in his past but that has made him care for others more. He may seem like a hard ass but he is really kind on the inside he just doesn’t want to get hurt again, everyone needs a Donaven in their life
Who’s that prick
Just Donaven but he’s really nice.
by Leg shaker November 23, 2021
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