/donaldo•dee-ess•khanee•cue lar es/
noun: informal

1. A period of nationwide political and economic stagnation, lethargy, inactivity, decline, and moral turpitude brought on by inadequate political leadership.

2. A period of rising temperatures and sea levels often referred to by scientists as global warming, but currently denied to exist or blamed by the majority of US Republicans and some Far Right Activists on too many pot smokers in liberal states, or on the excessive use of hair salon blow dryers.
1. Mr Scaramucci may have been disappointed when he realized he couldn't take the heat of a donaldo dies caniculares, but he was utterly stunned to discover the cooling effect it would have beneath his sheets.

2. At first, Jeffe couldn't believe his people could grow this kind of pot in Lapland tundra, and it was all because of donaldo dies caniculares. Now, however, he was in the habit of passing out cigar sized joints with a smile and saying, "Here, Have a Donaldo Diaz!"
by PensiveQuills August 15, 2017