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An allegedly humorous declaration one might use in response to being questioned as to the accuracy of their information and/or its source. It is a reference to the phrase don't tase me, bro, as well as the snopes website.

Don't believe everything you read on Snopes, bro...especially if it's about the activities of the CIA, the events of 9/11 or any sexually perverted acts performed by the band 311; they really do rape babies while wearing horse masks. However, if you are trying to discover the truth behind some ridiculous urban legend, such as Rod Stewart drinking gallons of semen or Richard Gere taking a panicky trip to the ER after shoving gerbils up his booty hole, snopes can actually be a semi-decent reference tool. Remember: the less important the information you seek, the less likely snopes will lie to you about it.
Person A

Have you heard why people in the ghetto wear their pants hanging halfway down their asscracks? It started in men's prisons, you see, the 'bitches' use this fashion statement to signal that they are available for getting their a-holes harpooned! (contemptuous laughter)

Isn't that FUNNY?

Person B

That's not true,

Person A

don't Snopes me, bro!

Person B

(ignoring the outburst) ....although the sagging pants fashion trend did originate in prison. In US correctional facilities, inmates of both genders are often issued pants which are too big for them. Since belts are not allowed, they spend every standing moment 'hitching' their pants back up by hand or either letting them drop. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with it.
by Lârry Dângüs, esq. July 09, 2013
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