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When a surveillance team blatently exposes themselves on purpose, and then dissapears completely, giving a suspect false security.

Based on how dolphins are observed in the ocean...

"now you see us, now you don't"

A sloppy and easy to spot team trails a suspect, gets noticed, and then after awhile, they stop pursuing the suspect. The suspect realizes that the people spying on him have stopped, and then gets a false sense of security.

It would be as if the people tailing you had left you for a picnic. (or so you think...)

But instead of the sloppy team tailing the suspect, a new upscaled professional team moves in to do surveillance, with precision and fixed posts.
Jon: There were two people following us, and they were out of place; not dressed like most people in Manhatten...It is SO obvious that they are following us, i've noticed them twice today...
David: Yes, but now they aren't anywhere to be seen... It's like they dissapeared on us.
Jon: Diana told me about this, it's dolphin surveillance!
by g-diggity May 28, 2008
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