In a nutshell, dogfooding means "using your own product". A product which is being dogfooded tends to be a lot more polished. When a normal user is annoyed by the product, they can't do anything about it. But when a developer is annoyed by the product, they can stop what they are doing and make the product less annoying.
In the past I've always dogfooded new builds for a while before making them
release candidates.
by indefinitex April 14, 2005
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Street slang for Heroin. Used in New Orleans, mostly out of the Hollygrove area.
by *YUESER* November 7, 2011
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another term for heroin. a term that I believe was coined in the south
Know here I can get some dogfood to shot up and ruin my life with today?
by NillaX May 1, 2005
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(Microsoft use) A software (mostly operating system) under development, being installed and widely tested on the developers' machines, running with critical and everyday-use applications.

Term derives from "Eating your own dogfood". Also used in the form "dogfooding".
"So what about the new Windows?"
"We are dogfooding and it runs smooth. "
by Clockmaster June 5, 2003
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In the Bay Area it's another word for Cocaine
"I had to shake that hutch cuz the bitch was gurpin off dogfood"
by Paulrus March 15, 2006
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One who eats fast foods. A typical dogfood stuffs him/herself with dog food sold in Mc Donalds, Burger King, or any chain food outlet. An American.
A couple of dogfoods were sitting on a bench drinking their favorite piss they call beer.
by Anton July 8, 2004
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