An extremely bad day.

A 1975 Al Pacino classic film about 'Sonny Wortzik' a man who robs a bank to get money to pay for his girlfriend's operation.
John- How was work Mikey?
Mikey- Ah, just another dog day afternoon! The boss had me work till 9 without extra pay!
by Opzezi September 18, 2005
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Don't make me go "Dog day afternoon" on you. "Rat -a -at-tat. Your all dead. machine gun dead
by woodsy140 September 24, 2012
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A phrase of unknown origin, but common in the American South to refer to the hottest time of Summer when even the dogs slept under the porch in the shade. With no escaping the heat, all time stood still and everyone slept.
This was a dog day afternoon. The heat got to us all and even old yeller slept all day under the porch while the last of the corn dried in the field.
by Kim Bean August 18, 2019
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As the Accidental Reincarnate says, "In literally having had many of a 'Dog Day Afternoon' spent particularly engaged in the activity now suggested. I have now found that while so indulging myself and enjoying a cold beverage on this life's many days of same, it much better having two hands with an opposable thumb than two paws and a long tongue!"
Have you ever spent a dog day afternoon wondering what Fido would do if he could make a fist?
by Gravy111 November 1, 2010
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