To ignore a request, sexual advance, or invitation usually by lying, rude denial, misdirection, ignoring, or pleading ignorance of the request.
"Hey bro you wanna be on my arena team?"
"Sorry man I got some teammates lined up already, otherwise I would."
"You dodgin me, bro?"

"You wanna come up to my room?"
"Umm... I have to get up early tomorrow."
"Man, she's dodgin"
by PogoTribal March 19, 2009
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Staying out the way, ducking yo taco, hiding, laying low & trying to avoid conflict after you or your boys did something to someone so that they can't get it back in blood. (get revenge.) If someone says you're odgin wreck they're callin you a pussy or saying you're scared of getback. Basically hiding from a bad situation you got yourself into.
"Any wreck we want all smoke we ain dodgin no wrecks, you nighas know who it was did that to y'all!"

"We ain't mask up, no dodgin wreck, niggaz kno who it waz!" Blrrd!
by AiinNaoDodgerRickk April 30, 2021
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