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Dobbins Middle School is a school located in the middle of a lame ass town surrounded by lame ass houses. This middle school is full of snakes and weird ass hoes who bring stuffed animals too School. We also have emo’s, children of Satan, Hispanics, and those who just believe they’re above everyone. We have teachers who look like their eyes are popping from their face, and obesity is our number one thing we look for when hiring. Our food is garbage; meaning we get it from the actual garbage at other schools nearby. These schools include Hiram High School, Bagget Elementary, Hal Hutchins Elementary, South Paulding High School and Austin Middle School. We also assign work to already stressed children over break, then give them an anonymous questionnaire given by the guidance counselor asking if they would ever think about suicide because of school work. Dobbins Middle School is a place where we give ISS for not bringing homework, and make children sit in the office for two hours because their butt is outlined in a pair of tight pants. Dobbins focuses on spending the schools money on food for the teachers and then asks for money every week in a new fundraiser.
Sally told Marco,” Dobbins Middle School makes me want to kill myself, but that’s okay! At least I have four things of homework for a day off while my teachers sit at their houses on tinder! “
by CarlosChristmas January 18, 2018
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Dobbins Middle School is an actual piece of ass. The gym teachers are fat as hell, and the normal teachers are mostly all obese. Dobbins Middle School focuses on using the schools money on breakfasts for the teachers rather than buy new printers or ink for the new printers. Dobbins Middle School had to borrow rackets from another middle school because they were too poor to buy their own. Dobbins Middle School Can also he compared to a jail, seeing as the older students have to wear green ‘property of’ shirts on field trips. The walls are made of white bricks. The classrooms all look the same except two and those are the worst two classrooms in the entire school. Dobbins Middle School has a teacher who is always on tinder, desperate for a man.
Sally took a quiz at school and stated,’ Dobbins Middle School makes me sick ‘
by CarlosChristmas January 17, 2018
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