Slang Substitution for "thingy". Used occassionally internationally for when the name of an object or word won't come to out of mouth when describing it/them.
"Give me that thing beside you."
"What thing?"
"That... do da there. BESIDE YE!"

"What do you call that do da there?"
by Whu Flung Dung December 27, 2009
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Another name for a black person. Mocking the way they talk:
"do da bus stop here"
by Colin TB October 16, 2007
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Saying this to a woman while holding your dick means that you want to beat your dick on a womans mouth.
Beat my meat on (woman's name) teeth, do da do da!
by Samuel R. Preteroti November 25, 2003
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Shaking your limbs as if you are retarded, uncoordinated, or just plain stupid. Furthermore, one cannot extend arm when doing "the Ike"
Bob: Dude what are you doing you look retarded and extremely un-athletic.
John: Im doing the "Do da Ike" man...
Bob: Hahaha your retarded...
by SAKAMACACK April 27, 2011
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a stupid way to show ppl that you're happy...
dude1: i just saw katie's bra dude, it was awesome...yippidy do da...
dude2: get a life...
by one cool duder July 03, 2005
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ta stiff arm a girl when ha breath stanks, when she ugly, or when she tryna get in ya grill
do da heisman on dat hoe -Dem Heizman Boyz
by Dirty Dre January 23, 2007
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