A social networking site tailored to males making non-standard lifestyle choices, particularly in the area of selecting partners. The site is most accurately described as "MySpace for queers", but is much less cluttered.
Dude, I was like on DList yesterday and you were like a featured member! It so has to be because of those nude pics you uploaded.
by Adam and Stevie October 29, 2007
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Best website EVER. Celebrity gossip but more on the general publics side, with the "why do I give a eff about these people" attitude. Makes fun of everyone. Dripping with sarcasm, and not kissing celebrity ass. One of the very few websites that will actually make you LAUGH OUT LOUD.
Person 1: "Where can I read celebrity gossip without having to deal an annoying website like perezhilton.com?"

Person 2: "Why, go to www.dlisted.com, of course!"
by fontpush June 15, 2009
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