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A recently developed sub-sub culture formed as a large portion of hipsters who liked progressive music flocked to edgy, sensual Djent music, which is itself very counter-cultural and largely divorced from the brutishness of it's parent genres, instead promoting existentialism, abstract thought, spiritual awareness, etc., all of which is largely in line with hipster mentality. Currently only a few bands have what would be considered a djipster following, to include Periphery, Pomegranate Tiger, TesseracT and Monuments, although the rapid expansion of the genre would indicate that the number of djipsters and djent bands should skyrocket in coming years.
"Dude, check out that cool djipster chick in the corner. She said she loves TesseracT's new album, Altered State."

"The lead guitarist for Pomegranate Tiger is such a djipster. He's always wearing old school sneakers and tight distressed jeans in the recording studio."
by calvert1212 November 03, 2013
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