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The act if masturbating and then blowing one's load while spinning in circles as to utilize centripetal force, thus maximizing the projectile range of said load.
My roommate was out of town so I covered his room with spooge by doing a dizzy jizzy
by jeffwards617 December 09, 2009
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When nearing the end of a wank you start spinning round really quickly, jiz flies off in random directions, then you fall over due to the dizziness - you might land in it, you might not.
Friend: what is that in your hair?
Me: probably some cum...just had a dizzy jizzy.
by For Pump October 21, 2018
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A dramatic condition in which a male spins in a circle while emitting semen. An alternate option can be receiving oral sex after playing pin the tail on the donkey.
Bro do not come near me with that dizzy jizzy shit!
by BigDaddyKosher May 15, 2018
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