A Disneyphile is a word for someone who truly loves disney. It's usually associated with those who are hardcore into Disney; not your average Disney fan.
You are over 20 and you're still giddy when Disney comes out with a new movie.

Your apartment/house/room is littered with Disney stuff, especially around major holidays.

You pretty much can sing and act out almost every Disney movie that you love. That's usually all of them.

Guy 1: Why in the world would people get married at Disney World?
Guy 2: They must be disneyphiles.
by babyloftus2014 November 8, 2013
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A person who voraciously consumes Disney products and media ad nauseam.
I'm gonna go see Frozen 2, you in?

Dude, you've seen that movie 5 times already!

But it's so good!

Shut up you filthy disneyphile!
by Karashou December 29, 2020
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