Someone who is shit on and ultimately will go fucking insane. at the workplace, this person is usually withdrawn and very quiet. but little do you know, this person hates everyone and everything at his workplace and is one unhappy mother fucker. his is imprisoned to his job and cannot leave his job security due to finicial responsibilities, drug habits, kids etc. so when kept in the 9-5pm cage he plots and plans how he will go off on the next shit talkin mother fucker. a disgruntled employee, usually steals stuff from his workplace according to his " fuck or be fucked" motto or fuck the company before they fuck you. a great example of a disgruntled employee, if you watch DISTURBED'S VOICES music video. Disgruntled employees are highly dangerous no matter what they look like or how big or small they are. leave them alone in the best interest of your safety.
John walks in to the corporate office with headphones on, on his way to his cubicle.(you can hear blasting on his headphones) "let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the, (2 cymbal clashes) FFFFLLLLLOOOOORRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!" ted the newly promoted district manager smirks at john. john then grabs ted by the shirt and punches him in the face and knocks him out. and continues to ruin and break shit as he's beating the shit out of people. he makes it to his cubicle and starts his accounting work as people stare at him. now thats a disgruntled employee!
by killioughtta December 04, 2005
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Disgruntled employee is a person that was not qualified for the job, but was insisting so much, and begging to the employer to give him/her a chance and hire him/her. Then, after he/she is on the job, he feels he is entitled to do whatever he wants now, and employer is now his prisoners because of labor laws and OH&S laws, and other laws. In his heart, he hates manager, the company, and the job that is generously paying for his bills while he even does not deserve it. He/she does not try to improve his skills and feels it is the manager's job to teach him/her everything, when he/she feels he/she is in the mood to learn anything new.

He/she does not work and wastes time, and his/her intentions are to use the company as much as possible, and use it as a stepping stone to find his/her next victim employer. Disgruntled employee is a person that other employers should be aware of and try not become his/her next victim.
I hired Mr. ABIAAAAAMAbola last year. He presented himself to be a very professional person and asked me to give him a chance. After one month on the job, he did not deliver any tasks I asked him to do and was making people go around circles. I eventually laid him off. He went and made several claims under OH&S and Labor laws, which both were rejected. He gave us lots of headaches. Mr. ABIAAAAAMAbola was a disgruntled employee.
by Paul - The Great April 19, 2020
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