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a vulgar term used to decribe a used tampon or sanitary napkin
she's so fucking hot i'd drag my tounge across a mile of broken glass just to lick the garbage truck that carted her dirty rag to the dump
by bradetuna September 23, 2004
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A lewd sexual act in which the male ejaculates on the face of his partner and continues to wipe the ejaculate from the face of said partner with his scrotum. In an ideal situation the male in question will have an exceptionally pungent yambag and will have neglected personal hygiene for days, preferably weeks. Optional: After said act is executed, the male may choose to dip his testicles in the mouth of his sexual companion. Thus avoiding unwanted residue on said yambag.
"Last night I was deep cleaning my grandma and gave her the ol' dirty rag"

"Jeff's so lucky that his wife doesn't make him shower before giving her a dirty rag"

"If i don't dip after a good dirty rag sometimes my ballsack gets all sticky"
by D Rag4lyfe December 18, 2009
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having dirty rags means you got the worst of the worst. There is no chance this hand is going to win. Drawing dead before the flop, you will usually throw the chips in a fit of rage knowing you got shit. After the rise of "Young Guns" in the poker community, the bluff-call has become popular when you're holding the dirty rags.
Most often caught with dirty rags:
1. eric
-I'm all in...
-I call, what do you have
-dirty rags
-...fucking idiot
by glieve September 01, 2005
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