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rash one gets when sttempting to keep the gooch clean and attempting to clean up dirty gooch hair. caused when one shampoos said gooch and doesnt rinse properly hence forming the DIRTY GOOCH RASH!
Homie 1:Nigga my gooch be itchin!i think i got the dirty gooch rash!!!11one
Homie 2:Dumbass you need to be shampooin that shit regularly!
Homie 1:dayum dawg i be shampooin that shit every day!
Homie 2:Fuckin dumbass you need to rinse properly now stop fuckin itchin youre scarin away them fine ass bitches im tryin to bag!

at this point in time Homie 2 decides Homie 1 needs to die and busts a cap in his ass...or dirty gooch...same area
by Patrick from Atown November 29, 2006
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