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The act of unrolling the paper in a public washroom, dabbing it with shit then rerolling it for the next user.
I was in the bathroom at work, pulled on the paper and saw that Tim had pulled another dirty Dennis.
by JIMBAG! November 29, 2006
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When Dennis powers sucks the tip off of Zach pā€™s 3 inch wide chode and then Dennis licks the cum and eats the shit, chews it up and forces the moist shit ball down your throat.
Dennis gave Jill the Dirty Dennis
by Dirty Jill April 23, 2019
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a demonic puppet talk show host created by Gonzo Cartoonist, Yu-San Moon and first appearing on
Dirty Dennis' Demonic Puppet Playhouse is an independently created film that was created on a dare between two cartoonists.
by Yu-San Moon April 12, 2010
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