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A distant cousin of the dirty sanchez

A mexican male inserts his penis into a female vagina whilst simultaneously inserting a jalepeno pepper into her anus. He then inserts his penis into her ass shoving the pepper down and smashing it up. He then has her shit out the pepper and whatever else and smears it on her upper lip and chin. He then yells "arriba" and smacks her across the face.

A man of latino descent named "Humberto" who does not shower regularly.

A dirty sanchez performed after a woman has eaten spicey food and taken a dump.

Any mexican named Humberto
My buddy Jose Guadalupe Rodriguez performed a dirty humberto on his girl last night. Apparently she was not impressed.

My buddy Humberto hasn't showered in a month.
by Makar Cerelador January 16, 2014
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