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(noun, singular). An abbreviation of diphenhydramine, the active ingredient in Benadryl, an antihistamine. A common and notable side effect of this drug is sedation, so many people will take (and can buy over the counter) these in tablet form in order to get some shut eye. It's not often that it is misused since the sedative effect is actually rather unpleasant for most people and feels as if one "can't really get enough air," even though this is merely a feeling and not medically accurate.

Diphens should also be taken by those having a severe allergic reaction (before an epipen, if possible and appropriate) in order to avoid full-on anaphylaxis. Depending on the presentation and speed of the progressing allergic reaction, it may be necessary to simply give the epipen immediately.
"I can't sleep - do you know where the diphens are?"

"I was only able to sleep last night after I took a diphen."

"Without diphens, my anxiety keeps me awake almost all night and I never sleep very well."
by cardiogenix December 16, 2013
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