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To run or hide or go somewhere quickly or abruptly.
I hate it when my shoes become untied unexpectedly. I am so lazy that I wont tie them. If it really bothers me then I will just dip off to the side right quick and tuck it in.
by KimJ2010 February 15, 2007
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Where a guy sticks his dick in two or more women one after another over and over again and keeps it there for at least one second till he cums. In other words he french dips them over and over again.
Kathy,Jane and anne are going to dip off John.
by Deep blue 2012 December 09, 2009
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A secret place where sexual performance is sought out. Places such as the back row of movie theaters, bathrooms, and closets are not considered to be dip off spots
Girl: Baby you know what time it is?
Boy: Yeah let's go to the dip off so we don't get caught!
by Keena December 10, 2003
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it is a female with a large ass. . . And u are willing to have intercoure with
Damm did u see that dip off over there?
Damm jerome purifoy got a fine lil dip off. .\
Dip off season!!
by swift100 June 23, 2011
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