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(verb) when you gather your group of friends and leave
1. Leo: Kiana has her tazer out man she tried to zap me!
Jaden: finna dip squad the fuck out

2. "guys the cops are outside let's dip squad out the back door!"
by paul the alien December 01, 2015
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A group of kids in a high school who think dipping is extremely cool. They think they do it secretly but everyone can see the bulge in their lip. They carry a bottle around and pretend it’s coke. They are stupid fucks who spit on the floor. Usually a guy named Gavin and Preston are on the dip squad and people talk about how good they can pack a can of dip and how much they can stuff in their mouths.
Hey look. Gavin has joined the dip squad.
by God Definer May 30, 2018
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