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The term for an enormously large cock

The term used for sexual intercourse -
1) he had an extremely large dingui and believe me I would know for sure !! especially from last night where I had the full experience

2) dingui last naught was lit as he pinned me down to the school table and making me want to scream FASTER FASTER he unbuttoned my blouse and them down came the skirt of came the thongs which were see through ( so fucking sexy ) the it was my turn but I wasn't standing around waiting for Christmas I was right in there tareing off the shirt and trousers then of came the boxers with the hardest cock I have ever seen! Yeh he slowly and carefully back and forth back and forth shoved the juicy penis into my vagina

It was the best experience ever this was happening every day

I love dingui
by Hey. May 31, 2017
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