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A sub-category of your average guitar noob, of which the subject proceeds to idolize, imitate, and masturbate to
"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, the famed guitarist for Pantera and Damageplan. Most dimefags became which after his death, though many claim they have been die hard fans their entire lives.

Symptoms include:
1. Buying a Dimebag signature guitar, regardless of it's playability or condition, followed by:
2. Horrible guitar playing, usually sloppy Pantera covers.
3. Long nasty hair(colored goatee optional). This may take some time, which is why this is the most common sign used when determining how long they have been afflicted with dime fever, and thus calculating the severity of their condition.
Guy #1 - "Hey man did you hear Kev bought a Krank the other day?"

Guy #2 - "Wtf? What is he, a Dimefag?"
by Carpentron July 12, 2008
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