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One of the greatest heavy metal guitarists of all time. Your tragic passing has affected us in a way we cannot describe. You will be sorely missed, but we shall never forget.
R.I.P. Dimebag. 1966-2004
by Brian February 17, 2005
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one of the greatst guitar players to grace the world of music played in the metal band pantera and formed damage plan with his brother vinnie paul as well as side project gasoline. was shot and killed by nathan gale on december 8th 2004 at the alrosa villa his death is not only a loss for metal but is a great loss for all of music one of the most inspirational musicians of the 21 century and will not soon be forgoton
panteras dimebag darrell abbott cowboy from hell and legend. forever stronger than all
by brysn July 07, 2006
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