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to vomit on the the chest of a big breasted woman or any size titty whatever may be your reference. Forget that, you can vomit on any part of the woman's body. Also to vomit on an object. It's a new age you can vomit on a man as well.
Hey bro what happened last night. Last night i was fucking a fat chick and then she made me sick when i was hitting that doggystyle. I then dil pickled all over her back. I ran away buck ass naked and found her car. I dil pickled in her car. I hate fat bitches
by albundy momps May 27, 2009
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Being ridiculous, silly, but most of all super cute all at the same time.
Boy 1: Dayummm did you see that cute girl walk by?
Boy 2: Yea she sure was a dil pickle!
by Whypowcrowl February 03, 2012
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Nickname for Dylan. Generally used to annoy someone with the name Dylan, of course for good reasons though.

Also, a type of pickle.
Dude: Is there even a nickname for Dylan?

Dude 2: Wait, what about dy or lan or something like that?

Dude: I know, what about Dilpickles!

Dude 2: Well, that's not gay at all.

Example 2:

Dude: I think I am going to go eat a dilpickle.
by AwesomePersonRightHere January 03, 2009
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A retarted baby of the tv show the Rugrats even though he's a baby, his age right now (2010) is 12. Not counting the retarted spin off All Grown Up
by KillTheDead May 14, 2010
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