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Synonym for beasters. Originating in Norristown, PA, the term diggler nugg refers to any kind of marijuana that appears to be top shelf nugget at first glance, but after further inspection, reveals itself as a rip-off. Black market consumers in Norristown have very little time to inspect what they are buying and so they easily mistake this variety of bud for better kinds. Diggler nugg generally has a very attractive smell and is similar in appearance and weight to sinsemilla types like haze, kush, diesel, etc.
{Black Bull} "Yo I juss came up on some og kush my dude! Peep it dawg, two hunj a zip!"
{White Bull} "Oh nice! Let me take a quick peek here. Oh... I see, okay well, you can keep it buddy."
{Black Bull} "Huh? What da problem is?"
{White Bull} "You're the proud owner of some diggler nugg bro!"
by john_raw February 22, 2011
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