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different states of mind under marijuana
from the book of senses.I have chosen a scale from 1-5 to describe this:

1:This is achieved from one to two hits and make the person more relax.kinda like a cigaret also makes the person more aware

2:This stage known as Buzzed happens with approximately 5 this stage the person is high even though he doesnt immediately doesnt undersand it.

3: This stage also known as high usually happens between 8-10 hits and the person clearly knows he is high and and reacts to it.this is the desired stage for most people.however the problem with this stage is that although it feels great originally,it loses its greatness in less than an hour and the person starts to come down.
4:This stage also known as toasty happens between 12-18 hits and the person is not really himself and can barely walk.everything is in its ultra funniness and the person can not think.(perfectly mixing different kinds of marijuana makes this better.

5: OD: most people think it is impossible to overdo on weed but that is incorrect.anything more than 20 hits from DIFFERENT types of weed gives the person a major headache and extreme seat in different situations.this is not desired


-weed used in the experiment is a "good" dro(not medical,not swag).

-every hit is a rip and not a \/ hit.

-if a person hasnt smoked before are NOT able to feel that they are high untill they reach level 3.however if the person have been high before can get to stage 2 and still feel high

-being high is a state of mind that is only achieved by understanding it.unlike drinking.

different states of mind under marijuana
by Nik Armi September 13, 2010
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