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A website that had gossip about many teenagers' lives. Was shut down in October 2007 by some rich kid's daddy. Will be back.
did you read the latest entry in dietgirl?
by illbebback October 26, 2007
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a young woman or girl who views the constant pursuit of thinness as an inherent and integral aspect of being female. Diet girls constantly restrict their calorie intake, talk about their efforts to be thinner, and praise others who have lost weight, and they tend to giggle when talking about their own efforts at weight-loss. Their world-view is that thinner is always better, and they don't think about much else. Unlike the stereotypical anorexic, diet girls are not self-loathing; they are not capable of the introspective ability necessary for self-loathing. Their outlook is superficially cheery and shallow. Diet girls are always thin but they always want to be thinner. Fat girls who constantly talk about dieting and weight-loss are merely imitators hoping that their talk will make others mistake them for thin girls.
I knew Stephanie was a diet girl from the moment I met her. The first thing I heard her say was, "I ordered the egg-white omelet because it had no carbs or fat, but I could barely finish half of it. Tee-hee-hee. Slimette lost weight recently and she looks great. I'm trying to lose 10 pounds." Stephanie was model-thin already and gorgeous because of it, but she was an absolute bore when it came to conversation.
by wouldaben January 05, 2011
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