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Cunnilingus performed on a woman who is trying to reduce her weight, size, or fatness and which is performed for the purpose of replacing her hunger with sexual ecstasy, or to create an inextricable psychological association between the two.
He loved to perform diet-lingus on her; he loved the salty taste of her vulva (especially when she orgasmed) and he loved to gaze through the valleys between her hip bones and between her tiny breast-buds to her lean face - eyes closed and mouth open - as she moaned with pleasure. He was aroused by the zeal with which she pursued her ultra-slim figure and would have felt guilty if he had encouraged her in the extremes she endured to maintain her sylphic shape. She had formed an inextricable psychological association between being thin (or losing weight) and sexuality and would not let him pleasure her sexually unless she had exceeded her weight-loss goals - much as he desired to pleasure her all the time.

When she felt like she could no longer restrain herself from eating, she would have her boyfriend perform diet-lingus on her until she orgasmed and her hunger subsided. In addition to enjoying cunnilingus generally and diet-lingus in particular, her boyfriend was awed by her ultra-slim figure, but was tinged with guilt that he was playing a part in something that was likely damaging her health. That she insisted that he perform diet-lingus and would not let him have any kind of sex with her unless she exceeded her super-human weight-loss goals let him feel, morally, as if he were not culpable for her starvation.
by wouldaben December 12, 2010
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