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a black girl that knows long words..
White Girl: Eyy, Dictionay.!
Dictionay: Hey, what is up home girl.?
White Girl: Define this big word bietch.
Dictionay: Alright, what you got.?
White Girl: antidisestablishmentarianism
Dictionay: What the fuck. Damn that's long.
White Girl: That's What She She Saiddd.
Dictionay: Shut up. Well anyways, the word means the doctrine or political position that opposes the withdrawal of state recognition of an established church used especially concerning the Anglican Church in England. Opposed to disestablishmentarianism.
White Girl: Oh shit, you know dat.?!
Dictionay: Shoot, course bietch.
by Dictionayyy247 August 14, 2009
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