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Commonly found in morbidly obese people, the dick wick is when the offenders belly protrudes above and beyond the normal beer gut duty and covers the genitals completely, rendering urinals useless to the hapless gorger. Said offender more often then not has to wash with a rag on a stick and has not seen his genitals in years, also has to sit down to pee...
Heh, he has such a dickwick his wife suffocated trying to find it to give him a B.J.
by Tungsten Fearkat (meerkat) November 11, 2007
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verb trans.
Submerging the penile organ into a non-submissive female's refreshing beverage or cock-tail.
• intrans. descend below the surface of an area of water,or any beverage :
Jim knew his neighbor, Susan was not going to put out ;his only satisfaction was to "Dick Wick" her drink while she was in the restroom.
by Rottenpeaches January 26, 2011
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