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Used in conversation as meaning to be insignificant, unimportant or irrelevant dickspittle the word actually refers to the urine that remains in the forskin of an uncircumcised man's penis when he goes to the washroom.

The word can be used as an insult (to be called unimportant), to reject a proposal (similar to saying, "hell no") or as a description of an object or situation.

Words that can be used similarly include flyspeck, pissass and dirtbag based on the situation.
Example One:

Man One: Why don't we go out and get some drinks, forget all life's worries?
Man Two: Dickspittle! I am not in the mood to waste my life away.

Example Two:

Woman One: Oh, let's go out into the country, it would be ever so much fun!
Woman Two: No, I won't be going of to some dickspittle farm in the middle of nowhere.
by Nate July 07, 2004
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