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In the Mormon faith couples who wish to engage in pre-marital activities but do not want to dishonor their faith use the dick soak method. The dick soak method occurs when the males erect member is placed inside the female vagina and lays still. This is the soaking process. The dick soak is a spiritual experience, it allows both partners to connect with eachother at a deep level without going all the way. For a dick soak to occur the passionately paused penis must not make a single movement in any direction. It must "soak."

The amount of soaking needed in order to be an official dick soak is exactly proportionate to the time it would take a dirty dish to soak before being ready to scrub... or just before climax... whichever comes first.

note: If climax is reached during the soak it is no longer considered a dick soak, but sex.
young mormon couple:
Gary: Im so hot for you babe
Mary: No Doubt Gary
G: Want to do it?
M: We can't, our faith remember
G: Oh yeah, well why don't we dick soak
M: Whats dick soak?
G: Its when I put my penis inside you, keeping it still, and just letting it soak baby.
M: What?! What?! What?!
by Estrada October 15, 2009
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