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A dick doughnut is an apparatus that prevents extremely long and large penises from deep penetration during sexual intercourse. Deep penetration can cause hemorrhaging, cervical cancer, uterine ruptures and deformed children.

A dick doughnut was designed to protect the lady and to give the gentleman a "balls deep" feeling. When a man wears a dick doughnut, he is able to pound away at his partner's vagina without having to hear comments like "ouch", "too deep", and "don't thrust to far."

Dick doughnuts can be purchased at sex toy shops all over the country. Interestingly enough, an inflatable dick doughnut is available for women who are always on the go and would like to keep one in her purse at all times.

The average purchasers of dick doughnuts are usually petite women, Asian women, and young 18 year olds girls who enjoy having sex with men in their upper 30's who just so happen to have extremely long and large penises.

A new version is expected and will come equipped with a clitoral stimulator on one end with a testicular tickler on the other.
My gf told me that my dick is too long and she told me to wear a dick doughnut so I won't hurt her.
by cityguychicago July 12, 2011
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