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1. A slang term referring to an enlarged foreskin that can be used to protect things from the sun.

2. An alternate name for a banana hammock (literally a canopy for the dick), or any covering for the penis.

3. A derogatory term for someone who sucks so much dick that they act like a canopy, when this person finally comes back up for air the penis has a tan line.
1. Jill: "Did you see the dick canopy on that guy?"
Jane: "Yeah it could fix the hole in the ozone layer."

2. "Eww, that guys dick canopy makes his junk look like a fruit bowl."

3. TOB: "Man that chicks a fucking dick canopy."
Mat: "Yeah, shes a real jizz lizard."
by Thomas O'Brien (TOB) April 10, 2008
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