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A journal or log kept by a woman that counts the number of times she's had sex with her boyfriend.
Chica: "Hey baby, hold on a second. This will be our 400th time! We should do something special."

Duder: "400th? How do you know that girl?"

Chica: "I keep track in my dick book."

Duder: "Wow! Ok, let's put the blue ribbon I love in your hair. That'll make it special."
by westfalia December 17, 2009
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It's like a chick-book, but for guys. It is a very guy-ish book that has to do with a lot of guy stuff. It is something you will see most teenage guys reading.
Kyle: What are you reading?
Kayla: Boys R Us.
Kyle: Sounds like a chick-flick to me.
Kayla: No, a chick-flick is a movie.

Kyle: Then whats the book definition?
Kayla: I don't know, search it up.
Kyle: Got it! It's a chick flick in book form. Books thats usually attract girls aged 12-16.
Kayla: Thanks for sharing! So does that mean your reading a dick-book?

Kyle: A what?
Kayla: You know, it's like a chick-book but since your a guy, its a dick-book. It usually attracts boys aged 13-17
by spiderhaterrrr October 10, 2010
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