The world’s smallest sheep. Native to the top of skyscrapers in Chicago.
We have to find the dibble! Quick put your hand on Dade!
by Shay FOster September 25, 2019
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He's one of the guys just dibbled in there somewhere (when pointing at someone in a huge crowd of people)
by f170antelope September 9, 2011
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A Dibble Man is a man who likes to fiddle with young women, and elderly men.
Guy: Oi mate it’s a dibble man, his names probably jimmy.
by Dibble Man the wide October 8, 2020
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Walking in on your girlfriend while she is blowing her step-daddy and him blowing his load on her face on Valentine's Day.
Jimmy: Hey how did Valentine's Day go?
Ruben: It was horrible, I had The Dibble Effect happen to me!
Jimmy: Oh wow, why would she do such a thing!
by KatothePotato April 27, 2015
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