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DiageoLiam is yet another Myspace 'famous' profile; mainly considered as a Myspace whore but with a purpose. DiageoLiam is a published model and well known within the industry. He was dating GayGod (Matthew Lush) and apparantly flirted with Jeffree Star.
He has over 150000 apparant profile views and has had Myspace since 2006.
by Helen Tabern November 24, 2007
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He's an unpublished model with a rapidly growing friend count of 11243 with some 17305 comments and over 150000 apparant profile views. Most of his comments are talking about how 'hot' he is. Reported to have been dating GayGod (Matthew Lush)
He registed on Myspace in 2006.
this myspace user is called diageoliam, wow.
by Jack Yarns November 11, 2007
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An online activist for human rights. Has over 50,000 virtual 'Myspace' friends and is therefore considered as a Myspace celebrity.
He is extremely popular in the teen market; mainly attracting confused young boys and girls in awe. Along with comforted parents.
He is also a model and has been featured in several international magazines. He is the founder of which has over 20000 supporters worldwide.
Confused boy: umg, i'm wanking over some guys myspace
Girl in awe: WHO?!
Confused boy *panting*: DiageoLiam
by Sarah Marshall22 July 10, 2008
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DiageoLiam is a complete twat who thinks he's Somebody becuase he's added thousands of people on MySpace, most of which couldn't care less who he is.
He thinks he's important, but anybody who's met him in real life knows he's a dick.
He has also never appeared in any international magazines of any importance, contrary to popular belief.
"Oh hey, there's that DiageoLiam, he's such a wanker"
by iamtherealdiageo July 27, 2009
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