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Don't Fucking Know, Don't Fucking Care

Medical shorthand used on notes
"Name: Ethel Doe, Age: 83, Symtoms: chest pains, wheezing, lethergy Diagnosis: DFKDFC"
by Evilamnesiac April 23, 2006
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Wrote on medical notes and stands for, Dont fucking know dont fucking care
"Nurse please Doctor Smith that i have seen his patient and im afraid its D.F.K.D.F.C."
by Pikey mullet September 19, 2005
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used by medical personnel on the patient notes in emergency rooms particularly for patients who are troublesom or abusive.DONT FUCKING KNOW DONT FUCKING CARE.
such patients tend to wait around for at least three hours before being treated
oh yes nurse i see that the man in cubicle thre is a DFKDFC,i think i will go for my coffeebreak and have a shower before i see him.
by pishmeister69 April 07, 2006
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