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The subtle and harmful assumption of right-handedness in a person. A dexteronormative person might exclaim in surprise at the realisation that somebody is left-handed and draw attention to it in a way that would be ridiculous if it was to a right-handed person. This can lead to the left-handed person feeling "othered", which can be very damaging to their sense of self.

Dexteronormativity has also lead to a severe lack of representation for left handed people in the media, with left-handedness only ever being featured as a personality quirk in a character.

The use of "sinister" to refer to something that is menacingly different is a symptom of todays sinistrophobic culture.
"Oh my God! You're left handed! That is so weird!"
"That's dexteronormativity!"
by Blakeyboy93 December 11, 2014
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