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When you come across a toilet that has not been flushed, and there is pee on the floor at the base of the toilet.
I really had to pee, but I vomitted instead because the toilet had been dewolskied.
by Pooper Snooper June 21, 2010
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When the dude upstairs comes to the downstairs bathroom, pisses everywhere, including the seat, floor, etc., and doesn't flush or wash his hands.
It was a casual Tuesday afternoon in boardman hall and I decided I needed to take a massive turd. When I arrived at the bathroom, it was a gruesome sight. There was urine on the seat, floor, and possibly on the TP dispenser. The previous occupant had dewolskied the F out of that poor stall. So I pinched my checks all the way to other bathroom on the other side of the building.
by Pooper Snooper 2.0 June 24, 2010
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