One of the craziest places on the east coast by far. You can't walk a block without seeing a stumbling drunk person. A happy place to get drunk and high every night.People welcome you to their houses to party every night.
by Mikey Mike February 18, 2005
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Dewey just like other de beaches suck ass dewey is like ocean shitty but worse only poor college kids who are wasted and gross the beach prob has cum and puke all over it
Oh you go to Dewey Beach so your like gay right
by queen2382 January 12, 2021
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shittiest beach ever it actually is ass annoying ass college kids
Ew you go to Dewey Beach 🏝 your gay right
by queen2382 January 12, 2021
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1.) While at the beach with all of your friends suggest going to get take out to make one of your friends hungry.
2.) Get money from your friend who wants you to bring something back.
3.) Use your friends money to buy yourself a delicious lunch.
4.) After you finish eating ask for a takeout box and take a huge dump in it.
5.) When you get back hand the box to your friend and when he/she is opening it and begins to ask what is going on have another friend punch him/her in the face.
"what happened to Phils nose?"
"I think he ordered the Dewey Beach take out"
by 204 Rodgers August 30, 2007
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