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when a boss or coworker rushes you with work-related issues and/or questions before you have a chance to turn on your computer or get settled in at your desk.
i hope Jane doesn't deskjack me this morning. i'm sooooooooo not in a diplomatic space right now....

my boss deskjacked me with a bunch of copy work before i could even read my email.
by jgal66 May 10, 2011
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The act of masturbating at either your or a coworker's desk in your office. It is preferrable to have a witness but the honor system can also be used.
John: Man I'm feeling better now.
Ted: Oh did you Desk Jack?
John: Yeah but not at my desk...I was over at Lynn's Desk.
Ted: Did you use an assist?
John: Yeah. I used that picture of her on vacation at the beach as an assist.
Ted: Cool.
by TedHollister March 10, 2011
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